Macy's Flower Show 2020

Proposal for Ambient and Interactive entertainment by Galaxie Chicago 

The Galaxie creates site-specific, theme-based entertainment that reaches far beyond the usual characters. 

The performers are top professionals in their field, and each engagement will include a stage manager on site to arrange for technical and staging needs. 

-Sunday, March 22nd : Deep Sea Diver  (treasure chest + juggling fish)   $500

-Monday, March 23rd : Contortionist Eel (platform 4ftx4f), they can provide – will add to $)  $550  Platform rental TBD

-Friday, March 27th: (1)  Stilt walker (jelly fish)  $600

-Saturday, March 28th : Shell Woman + Jelly fish costume  (only costume character, passing fliers)  $600 ($300 per performer)

-Sunday, March 29th Globe Walker Jelly Fish parasol $500

-Monday, March 30th Chair Balancing Starfish  $500

-Friday, April 3rd Flow Fan Performer Shell gal $500

-Saturday, April 4th – 1-3pm (2) pirates, 1 male & 1 female  (this is for a Kid’s Event) $900 ($450 per performer)

Chair Balancing Starfish


Custom costume contructed with similar costume as base

The chair, adorned with barnacles, will serve as the perch for our acrobatic mermaid, as she twists and turns, balances and stretches. 

Total proposal for 10 performers $4650*

*Platform rental TBD

Juggling Deep Sea Diver



Guests will watch the deep sea diver navigate the performance locations with his treasure chest in tow, periodically revealing HIS treasures, including juggling fish and sea anemones! 


Contortion eel with custom costume constructed from similar costume as the base

Scaled Contortionist


Flow Fan Dancer



Costumed similar to the shell bedazzled image "Water like" flow fans skillfully used by an underwater 'sea nymph', giving the illusion of swimming under the sea.



$450 for each additional


Can do sword displays


Straight from sailing the high seas, the Pirate will engage with the crowd, and likely even make one or 2 walk the plank.

Ball walking jellyfish




Walking the performance floor on a giant bubble, the ball walker's parasol will be transformed into flowy jellyfish. 

Stilt walkers


$500 for multiple performances with same costume elements. 


**Costume pending availability


Stilt walkers will engage guests for photo ops while navigating the performance area in 18" or 3' stilts. 


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