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A Virtual, Interactive Haunted house

October 26-30, 2020

~About the town of Shiver River~

The town of Shiver River was the kind of locality that you would pass by, without even noticing it, set back off a long empty 2 lane highway. Once an idyllic, bustling village set along the banks of the river, families going back generations, neighbors knowing neighbors, general mercantile stores passed down through bloodlines as long as the memory serves. Summers full of rope swings from the river bank and ice cream socials, with winters equipped with ice skating ponds and pancake breakfasts.

Time was not kind to this town, as industry brought the disruption of the corner barbershop and local diner, a factory in the neighboring town dammed the river, and saw it diminish to a trickle, the crops wilted as the chemicals seeped into the groundwater and the children of the long-established families began to make plans to get out just as soon as they could manage. 

One Saturday, as the afternoon sun was on the decline, a man, claiming to be a descendant of the town's founder came through with one suitcase, his dog Butch, and a slow stride, proclaiming that he had the first written documents surrounding the establishment of the whistle-stop town. The residents were intrigued. 

Promising to share the town's history of its founding, this man gathered the community in abandoned county fairgrounds, asserting that the truth written with-in the pages of this prized book would bring the hamlet back to its former glory. "When fish swam freely, corn grew high, and neighbor greeted neighbor"

Mother's dressed their young children in their Sunday finest to receive the stranger, elderly grandparents pushed the covers off and made their way down long winding paths to gather. Shops, what was left of them, closed early, and schoolchildren were let off before the tower bell rang, all in anticipation of the answer to the decades-old question of how the community could hope to thrive once again.

As the crowd gathered, one small girl, having saved a morsel of her lunch in a brown paper sack, bent over to appease the begging, whining Butch the dog. As she extended her hand, the dog snapped and nicked her skin.


The stranger after, having silenced the crowd that included every living soul left in town, slowly opened the book. Taking a deep breath, he raised his head, and shouted towards the sky, "KINEMORTO!"

You could hear the crowd mumbling, turning quizzically to their neighbors... as the man bellowed "KINEMORTO!!!" The crowd fell silent.  Again, he screamed "KINEMOOOOOORTOOO!!!"

At that moment, the generous little girl, otherwise frail and demure, held in her mother's arms, turned to her parent, with eyes blood red, mouth foaming, and launched her teeth into the neck of her wailing care taker, who immediately dropped the child and started writhing in pain, transforming before the rest of the villager's eyes, into a ZOMBIE. The child had managed to make it through the crowd, teeth-gnashing, and striking out at everyone in her path.  Those not infected at that moment quickly rushed from the scene, screaming in terror, trying to escape the desperate grasps of the immediately transformed. 

Suffice to say, they could run, but they could not hide. 

One by one the inhabitants of this one-time rural paradise found themselves subject to the horrors of transformation into the "Kine Morto" . the "motion dead".

In the days, months and years since the decimation of Shiver River, with the transformation of its inhabitants to the undead, the doors and pathways to unearthly inhabitants have been unlocked, making it home to the monsters and demons of people's nightmares.

Never since has the town been known to be visited, or if it has, nobody has lived to tell about it.

Do you have the courage to test your luck, and will you be able to make it out to tell the story?

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